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Get ready for a whirlwind journey through the world of marketing and sales, with the inimitable Jay Kriner—serial entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker and Shark Tank survivor. This isn't your typical sales manual: it's a masterclass in becoming a sales leader, packed with relatable humor, TIPS, and Kriner's secret sauce for success.


Kriner doesn't just share strategies: he gives you the tools and inside knowledge that will allow you to see the bigger picture in marketing and sales. Through engaging stories, like being at FYRE Festival and peeking into a few psychological insights, you'll learn how to elevate your game from mere transactions to career-making deals. Most importantly, you will learn to create meaningful connections and command the marketplace.


Butterflies entertains and enlightens as it flips conventional wisdom on its head and prepares you to lead, not follow. By the final page, you'll be equipped to sell not just a product, but a new perspective – and step confidently into your role as a leader in the dynamic world of sales and marketing. 


In true form, Kriner created a secondary cover and title for the same book under, "Bacon Flavored Jellyfish," which was a sales ploy based off marketing and clickbait. So, get ready to turn your sales pitches into performances that captivate, convince, and convert skeptics into lifelong clients.  Welcome to marketing and sales like you've never seen it before.

Looking to bring entertainment and knowledge to your next event?

Book serial entrepreneur and author, Jay Kriner, as your next guest or Keynote Speaker! Jay is one of the top event talents and leads his guest through energetic storytelling, experiences, and humor!


Butterflies the performance and psychology of sales
Bacon Flavored Jellyfish Top Sales Book

"Butterflies: The Performance and Psychology of Sales" & "Bacon Flavored Jellyfish" by Jay Kriner

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